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What would help you build a more successful community today?

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posted Apr 29, 2019 by Vinayak

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1 Answer

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I’m happy that you checked us out. If I remember correctly, you asked a question in the community that I started out in. That community is mostly a straight Q&A customer support space, but we wanted to create something that was more discussion based, so we partnered up with another internal team and created a new community just for that. We are in a soft launch now, but will be public in the next week or so.

The resources that I think I am looking for would go into community platform issue tracking and user conflict resolution. Or as you put it, removing bad things. My main focus right now is in those areas as well as answering the few product questions that come in.

I have thought about taking one of your classes, but I am not clear on where to start. They seem like they would be better suited for me if I was in charge of the entire experience rather than the nuts and bolts.

Fortunately, no one has become combative just yet but the best practices and processes around conflict resolution are where I think I need to grow the most.

answer Apr 30, 2019 by Prince