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What are some quick tips for creating great community content?

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posted Apr 9, 2019 by Madan R

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1 Answer

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Tap into community discussions and debates and highlight naturally popular or engaging topics. Build content around that topic, and involve members in its creation wherever possible.

Ask your influential members what they’re working on or thinking about. You can draw ideas for content programming that you know they’re likely to be invested in.

Interview community members and tell their stories. This isn’t just a great way to engage them, it’s a great way to expose and encourage connections between members. Showcase less visible members, and hero proactive ones.

As your community matures, use content to mark milestones and events – the first anniversary of the community (what has everyone learned that year?), birthdays, promotions, meet ups – whatever is most meaningful to members.

Content strategy can be a uniquely powerful binding element in an online community. Just don’t forget who it’s there to serve!

answer Apr 10, 2019 by Nithisha R