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Who is a Community Manager and what does he do?

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posted Feb 27, 2019 by Prince

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1 Answer

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Any person who administers a community is the community manager. There can be one or many managers in a community. Community managers are also called administrators. Their job changes as the community grows and expands. At various stages of the community, its manager has to wear a number of hats and be a leader, a content manager, moderator, promoter and advocate, mediator, and an analyst for the community.

The main work of the admins or community managers includes:

  • Inviting new members and once they join, welcoming them. Taking the new members through the onboarding process, familiarizing them with the community, its rules and regulations.
  • Helping create relationships between members, introducing new members to other members, and promoting certain members who they feel might benefit the community.
  • Identifying the key members and influencers of the community and initiating a better relationship with them in order to enhance the growth and influence of the community.
  • Once the community is thriving, one of the key duties of the manager is moderating the community and ensuring that the members adhere to the rules; also initiating and encouraging topics that they want the community to discuss and steering the conversations toward these topics.
  • Creating new content, running campaigns and contests and organizing events for the community. Creating content that is original and search engine optimized, creating brand value and generating leads for a business or the community.
  • Finding ways to respond to certain community discussions and helping to address the needs of the cross-section of people who comprise the community.
answer Feb 28, 2019 by Madan R