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How can I keep my community members engaged?

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posted Feb 18, 2019 by Alok Kumar

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1 Answer

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An online community platform can give you all the tools to help you keep your customers engaged and connected at every stage of their journey.

First, you should have a transparent strategy for your community, aligning specific goals and objectives with that effort. By doing so, this you will start communicating and connecting with your customers with a clear sense of how and when you should communicate with them.

Second, such platforms can provide the tools that will empower your customers to communicate with you (and with each other), while sharing their thoughts and opinions about your products/ services, as well as their overall experience with your brand.

By providing your customers the right tools to communicate and connect, you can deeply listen to them; strengthen your relationships; promote ongoing participation and communication; collect insightful feedback; and, most importantly, build customer loyalty, generating word-of-mouth advocacy as your customers share their positive experiences with your brand with their own network. And remember, together, you and your customers make your brand real and relevant.

answer Feb 19, 2019 by Ravi Ranjan