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Which are the best growth hacker Online Communities?

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posted Feb 4 by Naveen Kumar

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1 Answer

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There’s GrowthHackers, the community founded by Sean Ellis - arguably the inventor of the term ‘growth hacking’.

You can find some sweet content there, but the community-side to it is a little numb.

People seem to be mainly using it to shove their own content up other marketer’s throats. There’s a lot of pushing and screaming for attention, but no giving.

GrowthHackers is a great resource for articles on all things growth marketing. But don’t expect to build meaningful relationships there. is kind of the same story.

Community-building is hard.

It takes a like-minded audience and high-quality content. Every day again.

True connections can only be made if everyone’s mindset is to help out and contribute. The idea of 1+1 being more than 2.

One community that really nailed this is the Badass Marketers & Founders Facebook Group founded by Josh Fechter.

The group thrives on Josh giving his members incredible and unique value every day again. Inspiring others to do the same.

Every post is a beacon of value and engagement.

It’s the most extraordinary case of online community building I have ever seen.

answer Feb 5 by Anshu Agarwal