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Which Is Worth More to a Saas Business, Sales or Customer Success?

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posted Oct 9, 2018 by Mayuri Munnolimath

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1 Answer

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Customers want product companies to engage with them not just at a ‘product’ level but at an ‘enterprise’ or ‘business’ level. Customers seek for solutions and expertise at a domain/vertical level.
At the time of sale and post sale, customers constantly look for best practices/learnings from similar such customers on how to execute at ‘speed’ and how to be more efficient
With so many products floating in the market, it becomes really easy for customers to switch products. Customers constantly want to understand value created through the product in terms of $, time or processes. They want to make sure they are not missing out from not using other products. They therefore also expect the product roadmap to be influenced by them and shared time and again with them to make sure they have invested in the right product.

answer Oct 10, 2018 by Naveen Kumar