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Escalator Company That Clothing Is Prohibited From Being Wound Into The Escalator

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You can see the existence of escalators in the mall, so what are the points of attention on the escalator? Many people don't understand it very well, so follow the small series of fuji Escalator Company to see the original escalator also need to pay attention to many aspects, hoping to help people who will not take the escalator.

(1) Before taking the escalator, confirm the running direction of the escalator, take the ladder in the direction, and stand with the handrail;
(2) Before taking the escalator, pay attention to loose and towed clothing (such as long skirts, dresses or hole shoes, etc.). Do not stand too close to the edge of the step to prevent the edge of the step, the comb plate, the apron plate or the inner cover. Board hanging
(3) Infants and young children should be hugged by adults, and wheelchairs must not enter the escalator;
(4) It is forbidden to push the stroller and shopping cart into the escalator, and the pet should be hugged;
(5) Do not extend the head or limbs beyond the armrests to prevent impact from obstacles such as floors and ceilings;
(6) Do not climb, play, or run freely on the escalator. Do not stay at the entrance and exit of the escalator. Do not lean your body on the escalator or moving walkway side apron or handrail;
(7) When an emergency occurs, immediately press the red stop button set at both ends of the escalator to stop the escalator.

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posted Dec 7, 2018 by Blanche Fuji

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