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What are attributes that successful communities all have in common?

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posted Nov 29, 2018 by Nadeem

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1 Answer

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A clear member they serve. If your community is for everyone, it’s not for anyone. The most successful communities embrace this and are clear about who should be a member, and who shouldn’t.

A clear mission, or reason why they exist. There are really three main reasons a new member joins a community dedicated to a shared identity, interest or condition:to meet people like them they don’t already know, tap into a collection of practical ideas and stories they can use and navigate topics that don’t have easy and obvious answers they can just Google. A successful community communicates why members will benefit from belonging to it.

A clear set of things they want members to do together. Members of communities want to meet the most relevant members to them, organize around the topics they care about, answer questions, contribute to polls and participate in conversations – triggering notifications that make the community a regular habit. Successful communities harness these activities with programs and conversations unique to their purpose.

Metrics that enable them to measure and improve the health of their community. In the past, these metrics have been relegated to mainly qualitative metrics – like NPS scores or nice posts by members. Today, with new services, hosts can see the percentage of members who are contributing, which is the number one indicator of whether your community is sustainable. This, plus other metrics like returning members as a percentage of active members, are making hosts that much more effective at building a fantastic, valuable community.

answer Nov 30, 2018 by Rishabh Agarwal