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What are methodologies and strategies of community development?

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posted Nov 29, 2018 by Digvijay Khanapurkar

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1 Answer

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The best community development is organic.

  1. You have to be invited into the community first. You can’t assume your skills and assets are needed or helpful.
  2. You listen to the community needs and wants and then together get the right people around the table to discuss at a more detailed level.
  3. Use a strengths-based model - everyone has different skills, knowledge and assets. If you are missing a skill, knowledge or asset, go find the person that has what you need.
  4. Generally lead with a health or education initiative as these are usually the most pressing.
  5. Include everyone that can add value and together, plan a way forward for the first initiative.
  6. If someone is missing from the table consider what their input would be. This is called the missing voice.
  7. Over time, relationships and trusts develop and this drives the initiative(s) forward.
  8. Track, measure, evaluate and report progress, issues and challenges back to the community. Celebrate wins.
  9. Nourish the relationships at every step of the way because it is these relationships that will determine the success of the first and any subsequent initiatives.
  10. Have an Exit Plan - the community needs to develop the skills, knowledge and assets over time to be self-sufficient in the longer term.
answer Nov 30, 2018 by Prince