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Do brand communities create meaningful relationships for its members?

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posted Nov 27, 2018 by Digvijay Khanapurkar

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1 Answer

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1) Brand community creates a real bottom-line return for the company, especially because they have been smart about investing strategically and patiently into it. The ROI shows up in higher conversion, retention, activity levels and engagements of their users, as well as higher satisfaction of super users.

2) Brand community creates value for their customers because it makes the product better, more fun, easier to use, more engaging, it feels more human.

3) The company is smart about measuring success metrics, which helps them justify the investment internally. That makes a lot of sense. But, fascinatingly, not one of the metrics is about relationships. All metrics are about engagement and activity levels of members on their platform and in their community.

answer Nov 28, 2018 by Prince