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What are the best functionalities and strategy for a community forum?

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posted Nov 22, 2018 by Mohd Rehan

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1 Answer

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The Community Strategy promotes community-led development across the city. We’re keen to strengthen the communites we live in and encourage decsion makers to consider the views and actions of communities when they make policies in deliver services.

The aim is to empower local communities, so that:

people can be active as citizens, through their community groups, organisations and networks, and
Institutions and agencies (public, private and non-governmental) can work in dialogue with citizens to shape and determine change in their communities.
We beleive community-led development is desirable because it:

establishes strong communities that control and use assets and resources to promote social justice and help improve the quality of community life; and
helps people to recognise and develop their ability and potential, and organise themselves to respond to shared problems and needs.
Together, these can create a healthy community – that is, one which is good to live in, will continue, and is fair.

Exeter’s communtiy strategy is a plan to:

strengthen communities to help improve the quality of life and control assets (buildings and other spaces/and facilities),
identify programmes that will best address the development needs of new and existing communities
identify common themes and priorities that will help inform decsion making about and with communities in the city and inform how CIL* funds are spent.

answer Nov 26, 2018 by Vinayak