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How are Social Media Marketing and Social Media Relations different?

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posted Nov 20, 2018 by Mayuri Munnolimath

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1 Answer

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Planning and executing an effective public relations campaign is no easy task. It takes more than a few Tweets, Facebook posts, and calls to the local newspaper to build brand awareness, increase sales, and drive more traffic to one’s business.

1. See what your target demographic is thinking/doing

Twitter and Facebook are great tools to use when conducting research on your target demographic, as these social media platforms are some of the most effective ways to gain genuine insights on your target audience’s interests, likes, and dislikes.

2. Developing relationships with influencers & the media

Everyone is on social media these days, including influencers and key decision makers across every imaginable vertical. Social media is an incredibly useful tool for establishing and fostering relationships with these thought leaders in your industry, or media professionals covering material relevant to your brand.

3. Using your content as an outreach tool

Think about how a video goes viral. It’s not because it was pitched to a journalist - it’s because the content itself was so amazing, people couldn’t help but share it. Social media allows you to reach anyone, anywhere in the world, and if you have the right content it can be the catalyst that gets your content firmly in front of your target audience.

4. Managing your reputation

It’s much easier to engage with customers, respond to a sudden crisis, and communicate effectively with your audience on social media than on any other online channel. Most audiences are active on social media platforms, and by consistently engaging with fans on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll drastically increase the likelihood of generating brand loyalty with existing and new customers alike.

answer Nov 21, 2018 by Naveen Kumar