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Listen to Amazon Music Offline

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As we all know, Amazon Music introduces 4 kinds of subscription plans, including Amazon Music Free, Amazon Music Prime, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Amazon Music HD. Among them, the Amazon Music Free plan doesn't support offline listening. Only paid Amazon Music users are allowed to download music from Amazon for offline playback on supported devices.

Does that mean it is impossible for Amazon Music free users to listen to Amazon Music offline? In theory, at least, it is out of the question. However, software like AudFree Amazon Music Downloader comes along to clinch the matter, which makes it possible for everyone to download Amazon Music for offline enjoying on all devices.

Using it, you are nurtured with the ability to locally download Amazon Music for offline playback, even you have not subscribed to the Amazon Music premium plan. All content downloaded from Amazon Music with AudFree will be kept on the computer forever. As thus, you can play Amazon Music offline on any desired device without the Amazon Music app.

posted Apr 9 by Swift Shawen

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Tidal is a popular music streaming service providing users with a nice listening experience. It introduces 2 types of subscription services, including Tidal Premium with high quality and Tidal HiFi with lossless CD quality. No matter which subscription you are using, you can access more than 60 million tracks on Tidal. 

However, worth noticing that you are solely allowed to listen to Tidal music on the Tidal app other than any other player or device. Although it provides an Offline Mode, this mode is only available on mobile devices, not computers. 

So then how to download Tidal music to a computer for offline listening? You need a professional  Tidal downloader. With it, you can download any Tidal song to MP3, FLAC, AAC, M4A, etc., and save them as local files without any loss of original quality and ID3 tags. It designs a flexible output option, allowing you to customize output parameters like channel, sample rate, bit rate, etc. as you like. After conversion, you can listen to Tidal on your computer or any other device without the Tidal app.