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How to Make Spotify Default Music Player on Android Phone?

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Hi guys I'm struggling setting Spotify as my default player on Mi 10. I tried to go the Settings, but there's no Spotify for me to choose. Now I'm downloading Spotify to MP3 so that I can put them on my phone and list them in the same playlist along with my local songs.

posted Mar 26, 2021 by Vincent Yang

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3 Answers

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I am afraid you can't do that. The default music player is hardly customized on the mobile device.
But you can try to use a Spotify MP3 Downloader to convert Spotify songs to MP3 on the phone. I am sure this method works for the MI phone.

answer Apr 26, 2021 by John Weems
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Actually, Spotify is compatible with Android. You can directly install the Spotify app on your Android phone and listen to Spotify music online. Without Spotify premium, you even download music from Spotify for offline listening in the Spotify app. Though, to set Spotify as the default music player, it is necessary to use a Spotify music downloader to convert Spotify music to MP3 or other common audio formats and locally save Spotify tracks to your Android.

answer May 7, 2021 by Swift Shawen
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