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What is the best free video trimmer?

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What is the best free video trimmer? There are so many free video cutting tools on the Internet. I have not experienced any cutting tool, so I don't know how to choose. I just want to cut my large MP4 file into parts without re-encoding. Any suggestion?

posted Oct 30, 2020 by Swift Shawen

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2 Answers

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Frankly, I have tried many tools in current market. If you're looking for a free video trimmer to only cut big files, most of the online freeware can suit.
However, as you said about "without re-encoding", that means no quality loss after cutting. In this case, I will suggest Joyoshare Video Cutter in your list.

It comes with free chances to allow you cut and trim kinds of videos and audios fast and losslessly.

answer Nov 5, 2020 by Yilia Yang
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My favorite video trimmer is TunesKit AceMovi which is super to use.

You can directly import your video and trim as many parts as you want and then export the video in any format you need.

answer Dec 23, 2021 by Vincent Yang