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How do you build up a dying community?

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posted Aug 20, 2019 by Mohd Rehan

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1 Answer

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  1. It takes good people on Council who are willing to make changes. It takes a strict Council to take a look at the difference between revenue and projected costs and to charge the community what it costs to provide services bravely.

  2. It takes a good Administrator who is trained and supported by that Council. We are living in a transitional time for these communities as more and more of them become aware that their current way of life is no longer sustainable, and the way forward is unclear.

  3. It takes a few good people, willing to be champions for the community. We go about our day, expecting everything will move along with us and then we find out much too late, that we are all in trouble balancing the community books and we look for someone to blame. Start with the mirror.

  4. It takes people willing to put some back into it. Depending on where your community is at, it may take more than attending a few community meetings. For some, whose revenue is way out of whack with the expenses looming on the horizon, it may take a lot of work. For some…

  5. It takes a welcoming community, open to new ideas and new people. You may think your community is a welcoming public place, but if you want to see how you look to the rest of the world, google your community.

answer Sep 23, 2019 by Nadeem