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How can I make my organization and my contents more appealing to my community members?

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posted Jul 23, 2019 by Prince

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1 Answer

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Besides all the content efforts you need to do, I think you should identify how your community is structured.

Although your members are there for a common cause, they’re all different and consume different kinds of contents and they have different lifestyles, among other things that makes them different.

You must give each member what they need, and that includes a suitable information flow, from which all its members can participate, contribute and be enriched at the same time.

Create groups and subgroups is one of the simplest and effective ways to keep a community organized.

I’ll share with you something you can find deeper explained in this Connexa article.

| “By segmenting your audience into different groups, you transform the communication into a better targeted one, for example:

| “The community of a university can be divided by campus, by faculties, by teachers and students, by subject, by activity and hobbies, and so on. Each group can be segmented into a smaller one to create a more specific public. This way, you can communicate a clear-cut message to a single audience, the audience that actually matters for your type of content.

| “In this case, let’s imagine you want to spread the call for the open registrations to a Digital Systems and Robotics fair; it would be very difficult to get some response from students in other faculties rather than Engineering, so focus on those who really cares and center your efforts in groups and subgroups.”

answer Jul 25, 2019 by Monisha R Shetty