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How to build an Online Community for your product: Why active Online Communities thrive?

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posted Jul 18, 2019 by Digvijay Khanapurkar

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1 Answer

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How to Create an Online Community for Any Business

Like most great things, building a strong, dedicated community online takes time. It isn’t something that will just happen overnight, but you can use the strategies below to develop and nurture these communities over time.

  1. Share Member Content On Your Site
  2. Create Forums for Discussion
  3. Drive Live Discussion on Social Media
  4. Let The Community Influence Your Business


Building a strong, enthusiastic community online can help even e-commerce businesses make up for the fact that they may not have that face-to-face interaction with their customers on a regular basis. It increases advocacy and loyalty, and will help keep your customers around much longer while simultaneously drawing new customers in. Community building is a long-term and time-intensive effort, but it’s one that will pay off many times over if you make the investment.

answer Jul 19, 2019 by Naveen Kumar