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Does every moderation action have to be done manually or we can automate the process?

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posted Jul 17, 2019 by Nithisha R

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1 Answer

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Moderation, in the traditional sense, is rarely a viable or effectively model for most business online communities. Historically, moderation has included reviewing interactions, comments, and content after they are submitted to see if they are appropriate for posting. It also included scouring the community for inappropriate posts and then following a define procedure for addressing the content and the member who posted it.

Under this model, moderation becomes a full time job for most B2B and online member communities. Most companies and membership organizations do not have a resource to spare to be the full time moderator (communities that need heavy moderation often outsource this role).For this reason, most online communities have switched to a community management model.

answer Jul 18, 2019 by Mohd Rehan