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What are the essential steps I should take to prepare my Organization for Content Creation?

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posted Jul 3, 2019 by Gowtham

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1 Answer

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Step 1: Communicate the Content Strategy
Step 2: Capture the Brainstorming Ideas in a Content Calendar
Step 3: Train Your Employees to Listen Well
Step 4: Define Content Creation Responsibilities

Key Takeaways: Get as many employees as possible to contribute to the content creation effort, whether their role requires direct or indirect involvement. The more people involved, the greater the number of ideas and the longer the effort lasts. List the roles and responsibilities of each content team member on your spreadsheet.

If your organization struggles with getting buy-in and sustained engagement with content creation from employees and community managers, try these steps. Spend more time on building the foundation correctly and it will help you achieve success over the long run. Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint!

answer Jul 4, 2019 by Rishabh Agarwal