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Why People Contribute in Private Online Communities?

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posted Jul 3, 2019 by Nadeem

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1 Answer

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You might be wondering why this all matters. The important thing is they're contributing"”who care why they're doing it, right? Wrong.

Understanding why people contribute in your private online customer and member communities allows you to shape your community around their expectations and preferred engagement opportunities, which can lead to higher participation in the long run.

Doing the work to recognize common reasons why people participate helps to optimize your community.

Four Reasons Why People Make Contributions in Private Online Communities and How to Capitalize on Them

Again, though your members and the value they get from your social platform are unique to your specific community, these four reasons are general community-independent themes that can give you some actionable insight without the need for extensive member-specific research.

Reason #1) To Help Others
Reason #2) To Build Their Personal Brand
Reason #3) To Support a Cause or Organization They Believe In
Reason #4) To Set the Record Straight

answer Jul 4, 2019 by Prince