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How to Calculate the impact of online community engagement on your business?

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posted Oct 23, 2018 by Naveen Kumar

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1 Answer

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Like any analytical tool, regression analyses provide information. It’s up to you to use that information strategically. Here are three top ways community professionals can put their regression analyses to work.

1. Demonstrate How Engagement is Impacting Your Business
At its core, a regression analysis is a relationship tool. It will show you how different levels of engagement match with different business goals, making it easy for you to spot patterns. You can choose any engagement metric you like, such as discussion forum posts, or you can do an overall engagement score, or level, for your members and see how it relates to your business priorities. In many cases, the higher your members’ engagement, the better your business results. That’s something the C-suite wants to see.

2. Identify Top Community Activities
You can do multiple regression analyses to find out how impactful different engagement activities are on your business or association. Once you’ve found the activities with the greatest impact, you can promote those activities in future member engagement strategies. That way, you’ll improve your community’s business results at the same time you’re increasing engagement.

3. Find and Assist Struggling Customers or Members
As mentioned earlier, not all regression analyses will show you positive relationships. When you discover engagement activities that are negatively correlated with business results, don’t ignore them. Use them to identify community members who are struggling and then reach out to help. If you can turn their experiences around, you could help your organization increase retention and satisfaction rates.

answer Oct 24, 2018 by Anshu Agarwal