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Is their an online community for online community professionals?

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posted Jun 13, 2019 by Ruthvick S

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1 Answer

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When it comes to online community, we know that you need to make it easy for lurkers to lurk and consumers to consume – for most people will initially explore a site and ask themselves, “What is here that I can take to make my life easier or to enrich what I am doing?”

Fewer people initially seek out a site looking for how they can give or contribute. Yet it is the ease with which one can add resources and contributions to the community that ultimately leads to rapid content generation, pleasing the lurkers, and ultimately yielding more consumers who become contributors.

Online Community Forum
LearningTimes’ expertise in usability, information architecture, and community building ensures an intuitive and engaging online user experience. Information Architecture, in concert with Visual Design and Design Technology is an integral part of LearningTimes’ user-centered design philosophy, which rests on three principles:

  • Focus on specific users
  • Identify those users’ key goals
  • Design scenarios to facilitate those goals

This philosophy addresses business objectives by producing interactive systems that respond first and foremost to real user goals. It ensures that the users – the real people who will be using these systems day-to-day and who determine their success or failure – are not left behind in the development process.

answer Jun 17, 2019 by Mayuri Munnolimath