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How to forecast your Ideal Game Audience for Targeted Marketing?

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posted Jun 5, 2019 by Vinayak

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1 Answer

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If you’re wondering why you should spend time searching for your game’s ideal audience, this advice will be quite interesting.

Marketing a mobile game is a time-consuming and stressful process, irrespective of how simple or complex that game seems to be. App store optimization, press releases, pitching influencers, building communities, participating in developer forums and maybe a little bit of paid marketing are all simple processes, right? Wrong. It’s a lot of work!

If you make the unwise assumption that a whole lot of people will love your game – simply because you love it – and you chuck all of your marketing efforts into people like you, your game will very likely end up performing poorly as a result of what I call ‘awfully wrong targeting’.

So, be careful of your guesses and projections when it comes to game marketing. Never assume. Even well-informed guesses should have some data to back it up. With so many open, free-access platforms , you must heavily research your marketing to laser-target a specific audience.

answer Jun 6, 2019 by Prince