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What is the Impact of online community engagement on community loyalty and social well-being?

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posted May 23, 2019 by Ravi Ranjan

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1 Answer

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Community engagement is defined as an individual's intrinsic motivation to cooperate and interact with other members of the same social community (Algesheimer, Dholakia, & Herrmann 2005; Hollebeek, Juric, & Tang, 2017). That is, members with high community engagement are likely to help other members and participate in activities with other community members. As members engage in the social community, they develop social ties to other members (Hickman & Ward, 2007). Muniz & O'Guinn (2001) found that members of the Macintosh computer community shared information voluntarily about the brand to help other members. This group-based behavior results from the congruency between personal identity and group-based social identity (Bhattacharya & Sen, 2003). In other words, interacting and cooperating with other members in a group can strengthen individuals' sense of social identity. This is consistent with findings from a prior study showing that interactions between members in social communities increases group-based behavior with other community members (Chan & Li, 2010).

answer May 27, 2019 by Digvijay Khanapurkar